Are you wielding the power you have with care?

We have a tendency to look at ways we are powerless. We feel like we have no power in situations, bad habits, relationships, time commitments, or work.

In reality we have choices in all these places.

We also all have great power to affect other people. We’ve all seen the harried, rude person yelling at the cashier. She probably felt frazzled and powerless, but in that moment she had the power to bring light to that situation or darkness. She could have made someone’s day brighter instead of using her power to bring negativity.

I love the picture I saw of a man getting a group to sing as they waited extra long for a train.

If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy can be true. One person’s negativity can affect all the people in the family or work space. As can one person’s radiance.

This is one reason simpler living is important. The more hurried and stress a person is, the harder it is to consciously be the light.

You are affecting every person you encounter every day.

How are you wielding that power?