Are your files in order?


Besides organizing my books on my Get Ready for the New Year weekend, I also sorted my files. I realized they were all mixed up as well. I had my business and my personal files all together in a traditional A-Z filing system, making it harder to find what I needed.

My financial files were still nice and organized from July.

It was time to work on the other two cabinets. I took all the personal files out of one two drawer file cabinet and put them all in my other two drawer file cabinet across the room. Before I had one big projects section with all my business and personal projects I had going on. As business has grown that no longer works. So I separated my business files into clients, administration, products and marketing. I had different color files, but I wasn’t using them in any certain way. So I decided to have each category its own color.

I kept the A-Z file system for my personal files. I’ve used that system for so long, it’s easy to find what I need. Why change what works, right?

I still have my action file that sits on the far left of my desk, with papers to file, to read, to do, to enter into the computer, etc. Along with the current projects I am doing. I try to limit the amount of projects I have going at one time. The action file only stores the 7 or so current projects. One section for personal projects and one for professional projects. This keeps the piles from starting on my desk. Usually the piles are of papers that haven’t gotten into a project folder yet.

I have one file tray as my to sort in box that I keep on the far right of my desk. That is emptied at least once a week, but I have a time to tackle it once a day.

Getting a handle on files and papers will make your life feel much smoother. Why don’t you schedule some time in the next two weeks to take care of your papers?

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