Areas to Simplify Your Life

Simplifying your life is a process. Where would you like to start simplifying? Look over the following list and see what shouts out to you the most. This may be a good area to start simplifying first.

  • Finances – Do you have too many accounts? Too much debt? No automatic savings plan? No spending plan? Are your bills scattered everywhere? Do you have a system for bill paying? What do you do with your receipts? Can you use software to help you simplify?
  • Paper – How many paper piles do you have? Are you able to find what you need? Do you have action files for things to do? Do you set aside time to file? Is your filing system easy to use? Do you have a specific time daily to sort through papers? Can you get bills statement online instead of through paper? Are you keeping too many things you want to read, but never have time to read?
  • Errands – Do you run errands too many times a week? Do you forget what you were going to buy? Do you overspend? Can you get someone else to run those errands?
  • Books & Magazines – Do you have too many magazine subscriptions? Do you read them every month? Do you keep more than a month’s worth of magazines? Do you have a system for keeping articles? Do you have a place for library books? Do you have more than 20 books you have bought, but haven’t read yet? Have you run out of space in your bookshelves?
  • Photos – Are your photos organized? Do you keep all of them no matter how bad they are? Do you take pictures instead of enjoying the moment? Does anyone look at your photos? Do you have a system to deal with your digital photos?
  • Self-Care Routine – How many lotions, creams, hair products do you actually use? Can you simplify your wardrobe by limiting your color palette? Do you have to go to the gym or will a walk and free weights do the trick? Do you have to spend a lot of time on your hair to get it to look right? Can you get a cut that works with the hair you have instead of the hair you want? Can you prepare and plan for healthy eating instead of just hoping it will happen?
  • Holidays – Do you spend more than you have on holidays? Do they have to be a blow-out each year? Do you base your worth on how great the kids’ birthday party was? Do you have boxes of decorations for each holiday? Do you spend hours decorating each month?
  • Work – Do you work with a plan every day? Do you treat everything as urgent? Do you have routines and systems for your work? Do you have more than a week’s worth of email in your inbox? Are you behind on returning calls?
  • Housekeeping – Do you run out of things a lot? Can you simplify your storage? Do you have too much clutter? Would a routine help you keep up with your regular chores? Can you get a housekeeper or make sure everyone is helping out?
  • Time – Are you always rushing? Do you double book often? Do you feel you never have downtime? Is your calendar too full of commitments? Do you feel you spend all your time doing what you have to do instead of what you want to do? Do you waste time on what isn’t important?

Where will you simplify next?