As Seen on TV


I’m not really an "As Seen on TV" person, but I couldn’t get my corkboard jewelry board to stay up. So when I saw UGlu at Michael’s I thought I would try it out.


I was able to get my board to stay up quickly and it hasn’t fallen down since.

UGlue has the texture of rubber cement, but it sticks better. Then you are supposed to be able to remove it easily, though I haven’t wanted to remove it from anything. I’ve read some people have no problem getting it off, but some do, depending on the material. (Walls and carpet, not so easy. ) You peel and stick like double sided tape.

It’s also helped me with simple repairs. My belt loop came apart so I UGlued it right back together. Wallpaper falling down in the kitchen – repaired in under 5 minutes. It’s good to stick tiles and this weekend I’ll use it to stick back down laminate tile on our porch.

You can also use it for crafting projects. Much less messy than the hot glue gun. And great for scrapbooking including putting on buttons and metal pieces.

I wouldn’t use it for heavy things which would hang more sturdily with nails.

I thought I’d let you know about a helpful tool I found.


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