As You Plan Your Year…


Too often when we plan the new year we are focusing on what we want, what we need, what we want more of. But, most of us could use some letting go.

What are you willing to let go of this year?

  • trying to keep control
  • judging yourself and others
  • being inauthentic
  • staying distracted by media
  • resisting what is
  • some possessions
  • old anger and grudges
  • manipulating others perceptions of you
  • old ways of seeing yourself
  • avoiding uncomfortable feelings
  • things that constrict your life
  • unhelpful patterns and beliefs
  • things that weigh you down or keep you stuck
  • bitterness
  • blame

How free would you feel in the year to come if you let go of even one of the above? What are you letting go of?



Need help with your annual planning? I have a Simple Annual Plan.

Photo by Neville Wootton



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