Assess Truthfully

Seeing inside the truth

What stands in a lot of people’s way of gaining a simpler life is they are lying to themselves.

"I have to put my child in all these activities or they won’t be able to get ahead and go to a good college."  When it’s more likely fear that other people’s children will get further ahead than yours. Even though lots of activities never guarantees success and often undermines it.

"I can put this on my credit card and then pay it when I get the bill." When in reality you always only pay the minimum.

"I love my kids so I want to give them the best birthday party ever." When often comparing with the kids’ friends birthday parties often has a big part to play in it.

"I have to…" No, you choose to because you don’t want to deal with any consequences of not doing it.

"I really want to volunteer" is really "I wanted them to like me."

"I need it" is more often "I want it."

Telling yourself the truth gives you the opportunity to make real choices. You can have a conversation with yourself pushing back against the part of you that doesn’t want to see the truth.

What conversation do you need to have with yourself?


Photo by Suzanna Reynolds