Authentic Happiness


In the book Authentic Happiness,Martin Seligman, lists 24 virtues and strengths that help you in your quest for happiness. His premise is, it is not what happens to you that makes you more or less happy, but the kind of person you are. On his web site you can take a questionnaire to find your strengths: Once you know your signature strengths you can know what kinds of things will make you happiest, you can focus on your strengths to become even happier, and you know what situations you do best in. My top five signature strengths turned out to be:

1. Curiosity and interest in the world
2. Love of learning
3. Spirituality, sense of purpose and faith
4. Gratitude
5. Appreciation of beauty and excellence/awe

Here is a list of all 24: You will also find a bunch of other quizzes at the site.