• At the beginning of the year it feels like people are tight. This is the year they will be disciplined, focused and reach all there goals. Above all the regular activities of the day now they want to exercise an hour a day, do home cooked meals

  • I know this year with inflation we could all use some ideas to save money. Change Cell Phone Plans. Use a comparison site to get the best deals in your zip code. We saved $20 a month by switching plans. Change to a digital calendar like Google

  • To help you remember to simplify, here are some desktop wallpapers for you. Pictures by Brea Dargis. Click the link to the size ratio you need, save it, then set as wallpaper. (If they are larger but still the size ratio you need, they should

  • Ever notice that some people have super busy schedules but they seem to float and flow in time? They’re rarely stressed. They are enjoying life. And other people with the same schedules are tight, stressed and feeling overwhelmed?

  • I haven’t done spring cleaning in years. I tried – but doing all that work in a couple of weeks or even a month makes me tired. Not to mention with spring allergies, March & April are not my most energetic months. I would look at