• My husband and I were taking a Jeep ride through the country last weekend. I noticed a couple houses still had their wreaths up. I figured it is probably less about no time to take it down and more about not noticing the wreath is still up. I

  • Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. We took a spring hike today during Easter. And we actually saw some buds just peeking out. Photo by Brea Dargis Just a reminder that the Declutter Group starts tonight, a few spots

  • A reader asks, “I have a spare room that keeps turning I to the infamous catch all. How do I keep it free from clutter?” What a great question. I know many people have a junk room, thing room, office, craft room or guest room that

  • A reader will be downsizing and moving, but doesn’t have much time to do it. Unlike the smaller step approach like the Declutter Calendar, moving situations usually require quicker results. If you are also selling your home, you are going

  • One of my recent tips was. "Practice doing your chores with mindfullness and noticing. Feels more relaxing this way." Someone asked what I meant by this. Usually we do chores with resentment or a feeling of obligation or tiredness.

  • Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. It’s still snowing here in MIchigan, so it doesn’t feel quite like spring yet. Did you know they made Little Women into a musical? I read that book at least 5 times in my