Beth Dargis

  • I see this a lot with clients. They are doing new habits, working on projects or doing the organizing. Then one day, boom, they are too tired to do anything. They complain about some sort of drama in their life or problem that is bringing them

  • I am a voracious reader and have been reading magazines since I was a child with my Nat Geo for kids. So when I found out I could get free magazines on my Kindle because I am an Amazon Prime member, I was giddy. No paper! No clutter! Tons of

  • We spend most of our time in the mundane, taking care of home, work, self and relationships. It can be easy to fall into thinking your life is boring or unfulfilling if you only see the dailyness. “Ugh, another morning – can’t

  • If you are feeling dry and stale or thinking that your life is nothing but drudgery, a great question to ask is, “Where is my heart?” When you disconnect what you do with purpose, your senses or joy, you dry out. Does your work feel

  • Work tends to be a place where we forget self-care and self-compassion. We get into doing mode. We strive. We try hard. Our focus tends to be outside ourselves. Whether it’s a job, working from home or tackling kids and the house. So I

  • Photo by House of Sims Don’t wait until the last minute to get prepared for back to school. Use this checklist to start school organized and confident. Start about 14 days before school starts.  Day 1 Start having everyone go to bed