Beth Dargis

  • I am not an organized person. I married someone with an engineer’s mind. About 5 years into the marriage, I knew I needed to develop systems if I was not going to drive my husband crazy. I slowly developed, tweaked and came up with new

  • Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. It was a gorgeous spring Easter weekend. We stayed outside as much as possible. The choir sang twice this week so there was also much music. Just a note: April’s Declutter

  • Have you ever found yourself wanting to clean the house like never before? Sometimes, the reason behind this feeling is related to something you are keeping in your closet or in a drawer, a book or a dress… an emotional burden that makes you

  • A reader asks, "Curious if you have found any good solutions to tackling the pile of recipe cards, clippings and index cards that everyone used to use. I have several family and old recipes that I want to save but I haven’t found the

  • I had a lovely reader ask how to prepare for retiring as far as the house and time goes. I have not retired and most likely will be working a long while yet. So I needed to do some research for this one. Whether you downsize or not, most people