Beth Dargis

  • We all want more. As soon as we hit a goal, we want the next goal. We want the latest tech. I’m enticed by new books or magazines when my Kindle is full. Or a new course before I finished the last one. New gives us that dopamine hit which

  • Many of us feel under constant pressure. Stressed, busy, and overwhelmed. Almost everyone we meet is, as well. We read about it on social media. Text our friends about it. Some of us have major difficulties – financial, health, loss. But,

  • Autumn is a breeze that asks if you want a jacket. An apple covered in caramel and fudge that crunches when you bite into it. A drive to see leaves of different colors where the trees create a canopy over the road. It’s a resurgence of

  • I’ve been reading the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. I had been concerned about the affects of so much distraction and connection. But, you know, for other people. Certainly not me. I worried about losing deep thought as we are

  • This is an excerpt from my book, Create the Declutter Habit. Delete the ones you don’t like or are duplicates Move your photos from your camera or phone weekly or monthly depending on how fast you fill it up Have computer folders for each year.

  • If you didn’t know, I often post today’s declutter action step from the Declutter Calendar on the My Simpler Life Facebook Page. This past week I posted, “Declutter china you don’t use”. This was actually quite

  • As my 20-year old cat has gotten older, he has gotten more focal. In the first couple hours of work, he will come in the meow for his soft food about 5 times. Sometimes right after I have fed him and food is still in his bowl. I have to point