Autumn is…


Autumn is a breeze that asks if you want a jacket. An apple covered in caramel and fudge that crunches when you bite into it. A drive to see leaves of different colors where the trees create a canopy over the road.

It’s a resurgence of energy and wanting to learn. For hikes without mosquitoes in boots instead of sandals.

It’s the soft green jacket coming out. Fires mornings and evenings on the weekend. Colorful mums on the porch.

Fall is the bright harvest moon. Autumn is warm cider and reading. It’s the dying away of pink summer flowers. Harvest of tomatoes and corn.

Fall is my birthday season – a time to dream and plan. TV shows with old friends come back on. Motorcycle rides where we are surprised by color.

It’s saying goodbye to weekly excursions to the beach and hello to cooler evening walks.

What is autumn to you?

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