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After a bout with food poisoning I got a little behindテつ on things like paperwork and email.テつ I read in Mark Forster’s book Do It Tomorrowテつ that he puts all the backlogged papers in a file folder. All the email except for today’s goes into an email folder called back log.

He says it’s very hard to catch up if we are always doing the things that should have been done before. So I made sure today’s email and paperテつ was done (actually yesterday’s).

And then we think of the backlog as a project and make time to do it for a little while each day.

So last night I put my papers into a BackLog file folder and my email into a BackLog folder. Then I worked on my papers, email and task backlog this morning.

While I was in my email, I unsubscribed to various things so it is less likely I will have a backlog in the future. I took some of my tasks off my task list. And most of the papers I was able to throw out.

I have 181 messages to go through yet tomorrow, but I started with 500. So I should have no problem finishing up email tomorrow. I got about a third of the way through the mail/paper pile. So that will probably take a few more days.

But, I am feelingテつ more freeテつ already.

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  • Marcia says:

    What a great idea!

    I should have done that when I got back from Thailand. Instead, I ruthlessly deleted emails, and then put all personal emails in a separate folder to be dealt with at my leisure.

    Sorry I didn’t see that you had food poisoning (I usually catch up on your blog on a weekly basis when I get your Simplicity Tips).

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