Back to School Checklist


Photo by House of Sims

Don’t wait until the last minute to get prepared for back to school. Use this checklist to start school organized and confident. Start about 14 days before school starts.

 Day 1 Start having everyone go to bed earlier (including you)

Day 2 Make hair, doctor, immunization appointments

Day 3 Go through kid’s closets with them and get rid of clothes that are too small, take them directly to goodwill

Day 4 Make a list of supplies and clothes that you will need this year

Day 5 Shopping day with the kids

Day 6 Shopping day without the kids

Day 7 Goal Planning Day for self and kids, ask kids questions about their goals for the school year and write them down, plan your own 3 month goals

Day 8 Plan your morning routine and practice it

Day 9 Plan your evening routine and practice it

Day 10 List different lunch ideas and tape into a cabinet (I have some lunch ideas at Meal Planning )

Day 11 Make and post a daily schedule for the kids to follow and make your own daily schedule

Day 12 Decide on a paperwork system and schedule daily and weekly times to go through paperwork

Day 13 Figure out where your launch pad will be for the backpacks, boots etc. will be

Day 14 Rest, catch up, have some summer fun

Day 15 Send the kids off to school with a special breakfast

Day 16 Get your extracurricular activity bag ready

Day 17 See how your routines are doing and redo if necessary

Day 18 List kid’s strengths and your own

Day 19 Do a fun activity as a family

Day 20 Start a 21 day self-improvement challenge

Back to School

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