Balanced vs. Centered

Brea and I went to the library today to read magazines. I was reading Prevention magazine and it had a short article on being balanced vs. being centered. Balance is almost a figment of our imagination. Nobody is perfectly balanced all the time. We have this idea that if I just get our time organized we can fit our whole life in nice pie slice pieces. In reality we are just trying to keep the whole pie from crashing to the floor.

Instead, let’s strive to be centered. Have you ever met the woman who has kids hanging on her, the doorbell ringing, the phone ringing yet she seems calm and relaxed? She has an innate sense of what is important.

Part of getting centered is taking quiet time for yourself every day and listening to your thoughts and feelings. Instead of trying for perfect balance so we can show the world what a perfect person we are, we understand what we need to do to make ourselves fulfilled.

And many days it will be playing at the park or reading a novel, instead of making sure the house is spotless or the report no one will read is done.