Bat in My Office

I was just finishing up my last declutter chat when I felt something swoop over my head and flutter around in the corner in front of me. I screamed and ran into the bedroom, waking my sleeping husband who had to be up at 4:30am the next morning as usual. “There’s a bat or a bird or something in my office!”

He grudgingly got out of bed, walked to my office and said, “Yep, it’s a bat.” I slammed the bedroom door shut. He said, “What are you doing? Grab me a blanket so I can watch the bat.”

I snuck out, keeping an eye on the bat as I grabbed about 4 blankets. I started to hand them to my husband when the bat started flying our way. I screeched, throwing the blankets up as they landed on our heads. Jeff uncovers and I ran back into the bedroom.

Now he is annoyed because he lost the bat when I covered him with a blanket. He is searching for the bat while I am hiding in the bedroom.

With the bat.

I heard a flutter on the dresser and ran out screaming, “It’s on your dresser, it’s on your dresser!”

I ran to the bathroom and shut the door. Jeff captures the bat in a blanket and yells for me to open the door to the outside. I kind of open the door to the porch to let him and the bat out. The outside door screen door I swung open and rushed back in. Jeff lets the bat out, getting hit with the door as it swung back closed.

He mentioned next time it might be helpful to shut all the open inside doors and open the outside door so the bat could get out. He also mentioned I was not very helpful throughout the ordeal.

Often this is how we live life. Our adrenaline is high while we are rushing about trying to do urgent things. Our mind is going in a million directions. The fear of not being or doing enough is flapping about. This reptile brain does not make the best decisions.

Try calming and centering yourself in the morning with breathing, writing or praying. Then plan your day.

Throughout the day you can pause between tasks, breathe and checkin with yourself before deciding on the next task. Making the decisions from your calmer, conscious self will allow you to stop your frantic living.

You don’t want to live like a bat is following you around.