Beating Cabin Fever Family-style


It is cold here in Michigan at the moment. Soon it will be, “stay outside 15 minutes and get frost-bite” cold. It’s time to hunker down. We’ve already had snow days and there are more to come.

What can you do with the kids when they can’t get outside and everyone is antsy?

Some frugal, family-time options:

  • Set up a card table and put up a jigsaw people for everyone to doPop some real popcorn on the stove and catch some family-friendly movies.
  • Build a pillow and blanket fort
  • Light candles, gather blankets and make hot cocoa for a family reading afternoon
  • Have a dance party with fancy outfits and glitter lotion
  • Write real cards or letters to friends and relatives. Better yet, make your own!
  • Board game/card game night
  • Pull up Karaoke on Youtube and have a sing-a-long. Or if family members play instruments do a little talent show.
  • Set up a table to do crafts – paints, play-doh, or some snow day only crafts
  • Do some fun, science experiments
  • Create a scavenger hunt where kids need to find items from a list you make up
  • Bake cookies from Grandma’s recipe

Stay cozy this winter!

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  • Francie says:

    Beating Cabin Fever Family-style Is Lovely! Great ideas for all ages, bringing in ‘older’ entertainments, bridging back to the family memories.
    Most good for all ages too.
    Kudos to you!

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