Beautiful Landscape


We drove by the house as I watched as long as I could at the beautiful landscaping. Flowing beds of flowers. Colorful bushes in perfect proportion. A path with flat, earthy stones. Most of the front yard was tastefully tailored with nature.

I grew envious of that gorgeous yard. I have a few beds of flowers around my house, but nothing like that.

As that envious feeling grew in my heart, someone else’s yard came to mind. An acquaintance who also has a lovely yard. She has recently retired and spends 4 hours a day playing with her yard and flowers. She loves it.

I don’t have the time or desire to spend 4 hours a day on my landscaping.

That’s how it is a lot. We see and want that body that takes 2 hours of exercise a day to keep up. We want to cook like the friend that could make Julia Child proud. We want to be the mom who always makes fabulous homemade costumes.

We compare our average to the best of someone else. A creative crafter may have a messy house. Someone that is great with saving money, may not be so great at remembering others’ special events. 

When we are comparing ourselves to someone else’s best, we don’t see what we do well. We spend too much time trying to be the best at everything and we don’t concentrate on what we can do.

Where are you striving or stuck in envy? Have you been comparing your average to someone’s best?