Befriending Resistance


The complicated task was on my to do list for a couple weeks. Every time I saw it I felt guilty. But, I also felt resistance which I glossed over and moved to an easier to do. All I was willing to see was I didn’t want to do it.

Finally I got so annoyed at myself, I decided to look into the resistance. I invited resistance over and ask why she didn’t want to do the task. What came up was it had a lot of moving parts and I was afraid of missing a part and looking incompetent. I hadn’t done this particular task before and what if it came out wrong? I would hate that feeling.

Ahh, now it made sense. Resistance was trying to protect me from the feelings of failing and looking stupid.

Now I was able to bring to mind times I did similar things and it worked out. I decided to do a checklist system so I wouldn’t miss any of the parts. Then I allowed myself to do only one part and ended up doing most of the task. In two days it was done.

What are you resisting lately? A decision? A circumstance? A task? A project?

Can you meet with this resistance? Is is afraid of something? Is it trying to avoid discomfort? Are some beliefs that may not be true, bringing you back to a pattern you have? Ask why it is resisting.

Have some self-compassion for your resistance, pattern and self. Send love.

Once you have gone deeper into this resistance, see if you notice a way forward.

Often resistance and procrastination are avoidance of feelings and fear. Meet with them and see what happens.

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