Being Your Best


Question #7 asked you What do you need to be your best?

This could be like a daily walk, 7 hours of sleep, daily flossing, music or journaling.

Now who do you help when you are not at your best? Often we don’t do the things that make us feel our best because we don’t want to feel selfish. But, we could make the opposite claim. Not taking time to take care of yourself can be selfish because you are not giving other people your best. Maybe you are grumpy or too tired or unfocused.

So to create this simpler life, it’s time to add the things that make you feel your best into your schedule. After you answer the ‘What do you need to be your best?’ question, look at your week ahead. Where can you put in this self-care. And keep telling yourself this is a priority.

If you need help with this, join me on a call on Making Time for Fun & Self-Care.


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