Believing in a simpler, saner life


How you think about yourself as a housekeeper can affect how you care for your home.

If "other people" have the pretty, organized homes you are less likely to have that kind of home.

If you think you are disorganized, lazy, scattered you are more likely to act that way.

In my classes, we talk a lot about breaking through the beliefs that are holding you back. The beliefs that limit you. That tell you what is possible.

Organizing, cleaning and decluttering are much more about habits that who you are as a person. I was not "born organized". I needed to learn skills and habits to live the life I wanted. And you can too.

What do you need to believe to experience a simpler, saner life?

I don’t get more done when I hurry.

I can create habits that support me.

I desire a more peaceful home.

I can create the atmosphere in my home.

Notice your beliefs regarding you and your home.


  • Jessica says:

    Wow, how this post spoke to me! I have lived a life thinking the organized people are the other people. It really complicates things when you have kids…You don’t want other people to see your mess, but having kids makes you social automatically. I have tried Fly Lady and a myriad of other “strategies” to overcome clutter. I hope I get it figured out. I plan to keep working on it…I hope the tips on this website can help me!

  • Beth Dargis says:

    You can do this Jessica!

  • What motivates, why you are this way, that way is a start. Moderation plays in to with over doing it, being an “o-holic” this or that. And control. Is the drive fueled by worry that it will take over, overwhelm you if you don’t chop chop… keep up. Like your blog posts! Live in a state where simple is a survival must not choice.

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