Berry Picking

Friday morning we went to the farmer’s market. The sugar snap peas looked excellent and we got some tomatoes and corn. We had to pass by the delicious looking strawberries because we were going berry picking in the afternoon.

I love the smell of the fresh berries. The sun was out, but not too hot. The kids were having the best time picking berries. They kept saying, “Hey Mom, look at this one!”

We stopped by Jeff’s parents on the way home. The kids made a terrarium out of an old wagon. They put rocks and sticks with the wagon, then filled it with some water. They hunted for frogs and had about 3 in there when we had to leave. They dissappointedly put the frogs back and emptied the wagon.

After dinner and dishes we worked on the berries. We bagged some up for Father’s Day for Jeff’s Dad, froze most after taking the tops off and put some out in a bowl. They had an excellent time playing outside with the cousins playing an elaborate role playing game my kids made up.I finished the berries while the in-laws were upstairs playing with the computer with hubby. Then SIL came down and we chatted awhile before they had to leave. Kids were going in and out and we gave them milk, leftover raw sugar snap peas from dinner and by the time they left the strawberries were gone. We were exhausted by then. I slept good and hard for the first time in a few days.

Saturday was spent at in-laws. Jeff and I went out to dinner with his brother and sister-in-law as anniversary presents from my mother-in-law. A more expensive restaraunt than we’ve gone to in awhile. She also watched the kids. Wasn’t that nice?