Best Working Tips

I didn’t always work from home. In fact the main reason I got into simplifying was because I was working a fast paced job as a graphic designer and trying to stay sane.

Here are the top things that helped me during that time period:

  • Got up early so I could get exercise, quiet time and a quick pick up of the house before work
  • Limited the amount of evenings out of the house
  • Went in earlier so I could get out by the time the kids did
  • Worked 10 minutes from the house
  • Planned menus by the week and if anything needed defrosting I put it in the fridge while fixing dinner the night before
  • Did some kind of relaxation after work and before dinner for at least 5 minutes
  • Kept a list of ongoing work projects that I cycled through during the day
  • Brought paperwork and bills to pay in an expandable folder for when I was waiting for the kids at something
  • Had family pick up time every night after dinner
  • Wrote down everything

What do you think would help you the most this week?


Photo credit: Blumpy