Bird in the Tree


We put so much pressure on ourselves to put on perfect holidays. I was talking with someone who said since she is a stay-at-home mom she felt she had to go all out for the holiday since she didn’t work outside the home. And a working mom may feel since she is not at home she needs to make the holidays really special.

It takes a lot less time and money to make the holidays special then we think. Think back to your favorite holiday memories. Some of mine:

Looking for the bird ornament Grandma would hide in the tree for the grandkids to find. Getting the tree at Detroit’s Eastern market with my grandparents and always stopping at the candy and the cheese shop. Christmas caroling at the nursing home with the choir as a teenager. Looking to see the lights. Listening to the Nutcracker Suite. Baking sugar cookies.

I have very few memories of actual presents. Hiding a bird in a tree would take two minutes. We only baked one kind of cookie and my sister and I would decorate them. A lot of memories have to do with sights, sounds, smells and tastes.

What holiday memory would you like your family to have this year? And what can you let go of?



Bird from Sewz for Fun

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