Blissful Weekend

We worked hard Monday through Thursday. Extra hard, so we could enjoy this long weekend. And we did.

Sharing family conversations, breathing in the smells, sights and sounds of the Farmer’s Market, magnificent fireworks, a walk in the woods to find blackberries, a game of Catopoly, looking at the stars when city lights are far away.

Jeff’s old bike was sold and we went out to eat as a family and I took the kids to Barnes and Noble.

An evening spent reading and laughing/crying to Steel Magnolias.

An inspiring worship service and chatting with friends. A walk at the Nature Center and an afternoon at the beach.

Holland State Beach (where we were) by AndrewK100

Now I am reading, writing and listening to piano music.

We had a few arguments with children, a grocery shopping trip and some yard work, but we tried to keep chores at a minimum.

And a weekend can be blissful without being perfect.