Book Club Planning

I was clearing off my desk and saw my list of books we are doing for book club starting back up in the fall. I was going to tack the list to my bulletin board, but then remembered what usually happens. I forget about the list until I see one of the book club members who asks me how I like the book. The book I haven’t gotten from the library yet. After running to the library or having to buy the book, I cram my reading into a few days usually finishing the book but not always.

So this time, I paused my desk clearing and typed into my Google Calendar the book club date, book and author for each book. If I am leading I add that.

Then I set the email reminder for 3 weeks beforehand. That way I can get the book from the library and leisurely read it.


I am looking forward to being more prepared and engaged this year. First book up, Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler.