Shiny Book Syndrome


I love to read so when my friend asked me if I had any reading goals this year I told her no. Yet looking at how many books I finished last year, I completed half as I usually do in a year. I was suffering from shiny new book syndrome. I love Scribd because it has a mass variety of books. But, it also has a mass variety of books.

It looks like I had been starting books and bouncing over to another when I get a new book recommendation.

I started a Scribd list for books I am currently reading, but I kept adding to it when I found books I want to read next. Then I moved to a today list when that category got too unwieldy. Then that one got too big as well.

If I was ever to finish my books, I needed a new system.

This year I have monthly lists. I cannot add any more books to January. I will add them to later months if I get excited about a new book. I also re-organized my books into lists like health, fiction, spiritual, so I can pick from the different categories when choosing my next books.

Today as I was reading Wonder Seeker by Andrea Scher, other similar books popped up as suggestions. I don’t need to read another book on the same topic at the same time, so I put one that looked good on my April list for a dose of wonder in spring since the book looked to be nature related. Another book I was interested it I put directly to my spiritual list.

In my Kindle list, I only read from the downloaded tab. 5 books are downloaded at the moment. When I finish a book, I move it to my done category, then I can download another book.

In January, I finished more than 3 times the books I had been completing each month in 2021. I am looking forward to finishing books this year.


  • Amy says:

    I was just lamenting this yesterday…my propensity to start many books and leave them dangling. I don’t mind having two maybe three going at once, as often one is fictional, another is non-fiction, something I’m trying to learn about…so depends what mood I’m in that day as to what kind of book I want to pick up to continue.

    But all of a sudden I have about two fictional books left hanging, both in a series…one I’m on book 5, but then was a little tired of reading that series, for now…(though, I do love it, just needed a change for now.) Then heard of a new series I started and left hanging…because suddenly I saw the Trader Joe’s book that interested me, (library deadline will help me finish this by Feb 23, hopefully!), and also one on running an Air B & B…and also I had started a biography, but it didn’t catch my interest like I thought it would, so that’s probably abandoned for good…..You see where I’m going with this.

    I just said to myself today, after checking into another recommendation to me on Kindle….STOP! READ! FINISH! Before moving on. Your post today let me know I’m not alone. lol. I’m definitely A.D.D. in most things, including my reading habits!

  • Beth says:

    Based on the emails I got from this post – you are definitely not alone. May we finish more books this year!

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