The library expo was last night where the kids get to do things that are part of certain books. Like shoot an arrow for Robin Hood, make musical instruments, make butter for a Little House book, listen to the terrific Panning family fiddle for the book Fiddle Dee. Civil war historians were there with their memorabilia for Red Badge of Courage and an Owl Rescue team brought two of their owls. The kids had a great time making books come alive.

I am so thankful my kids love to read. I can’t understand how people can go through their lives not devouring books :)Which reminds me, I went to Barnes and Noble this week and ran across a book for bibliophile’s like me called So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson. I can’t wait to dive into her journal of a year of reading and how the books she reads weaves into her life. Actually I didn’t wait. I already read chapter one.

Tonight I hosted the duck pond booth at Fun Night at my daughter’s school. I get there early so I can pick the easier booths. My son wanted me to do the cross bow booth. They may have been NERF bows, but it looked a little complicated. That’s o.k., a dad picked that booth and was having a blast. It was fun seeing some of my kindergarteners from Sunday School from the past few years there. They kept getting in line over and over again.