This time of year makes me want to take off the heavy possessions of last season. Piles of books in my office become stifling. I put them away and sell others to create more space for air to flow.

Bulky sweaters are put into storage making ample room for light, airy dresses and short sleeved shirts.

Dark blankets are stored, leaving only one wispy cream blanket for cool evenings.

Most of the knickknacks are put in the basement for the next few months. Even the fruit bowl, usually in the center of the table, is gone to preserve the fruit longer.

A small wooden box for garden supplies replaces the boots, backpacks and gloves from the porch.

I am feeling freer.

I love the breathing space which rewards my work. And maybe by fall some things will stay gone for good.

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  • Homemaker Barbi

    I know exactly what you mean… especially after the full house of things at holiday time, it feels so good to have a light and simple house through the spring and summer. And my garage sale is going to be huge because of it!
    Homemaker Barbi

  • think

    Some it is the small things that matter. Such as your storing away fo sweaters and books. I like you blog, and the short but to the point articles. I recently started a blog
    If you have time please do visit. Thank you.

  • Jamie from the Tookshire

    I adore the fall and winter for it’s layers, dark colors and comforting smells. Here in the heat of Florida, I am saddened that the weather comes later every year. And yet, without fail, I start to feel confined and bound and almost dark this time of year. I relish lazily snacking on cubed watermelon, squeezing lemon for drinks and the bright blue skies of spring and summer. I’m cleaning out my home this evening – decluttering, even though not done too long ago, still needs to be done (easier to do when the weather is so nice and putting things up or giving them away feels like weight loss).

  • Beth

    Homemaker Barbi- I hope your garage sale is fantastic!

    Think – I agree, it’s in small details that a beautiful life is created

    Jamie – I love your word pictures. I can see summer in your comment.

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