Bringing More Peace to the House

In the last post The Power of a Mood I asked you to become aware of what energy your are bringing to your home. As parents we can affect the whole house. What if the energy you brought the the house was more frantic than you would like. How can you bring more peace to your house?

  • Watch the self talk – awfulizing, generalizing and time scarcity thoughts create frantic actions
  • Give yourself a 1 minute time out to breathe
  • Take a walk around your house looking at the flowers or whatever before coming into the house
  • Practice looking at the good in people and situations
  • Go upstairs to get the kids instead of yelling up the stairs
  • Find a few minutes to center yourself every day whether it’s prayer, meditation, yoga


  • Listen with eyes and ears as much as possible.
  • Give yourself 1/2 hour to wind down before bed so you can actually sleep
  • Pause for grace before dinner
  • Remember, "Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy" during conflicts
  • Listen carefully to how you speak
  • See when you are the most frantic and problem solve – find different routines, get started earlier, plan ahead
  • Respond thoughtfully instead of reacting
  • Play soft music sometimes

Of course none of us are going to bring peaceful energy all the time, so be gentle with yourself as well.

Photo by KH Rawlings