Broken Integrity

Not completing things you have promised or committed to leads to a big energy drain and a feeling of overwhelm. If the incompletes keep piling up soon feelings of drowning occur.

Many people don’t even know the amount of things that have committed to. They are just nagging feelings in the brain. If you started making a list you would probably be amazed at what you have committed to.

See how many things you can decide not to commit to this week. Don’t add more projects. Don’t add another volunteer opportunity. Don’t join another club. Not until some of the past things get cleaned up.

Forgo TV, phone chatting or surfing the net for a little bit and see how many things you can complete. Make a Completion List. Some things to list that may be hovering over you: letters to write, projects to finish, filing, virus scanning, bills to pay, taxes, things that need returning, calls to make, promises to others, promises to yourself.

This past weekend I felt so relieved to have put some of my projects on a possibility page. I realized I was going too slowly completing many of my projects just because I had too many on my plate at once. Now I can focus on my top projects and when they are done I can move on to others. How about you? Are you trying to organize the whole house, lose weight, fulfill volunteer projects, say yes to every new work project, write a book, deal with kids’ committments, work through 5 years worth of paperwork, make more money, get more business, get out of debt, honor your creativity, grow, see every movie, and spend time with the people you love?

Just maintaining in all of these areas is tough enough without trying to improve them all at once.

From now on choose what you commit to carefully. Just remember you can’t keep every committment if you commit to too much. Then you will be out of integrity and feeling badly.

Take a day or two to decide before saying yes to any new committment. In the meantime let’s get those incompletions out of the way.