Busyness as avoidance


Are you so busy? Could you be avoiding something?

I have been reading a little bit at a time of Simple Days by Marlene A Schiwy. She is journaling on her experience with simplifying her life. I love reading how her thoughts bounce around as she tries to clarify what is important to her and what needs simplifying. I love what she wrote on April 22nd because I see this often:

“Perhaps, too, I suspect that nonstop professional activity can become a means of avoiding one’s own inner life, just as working long hours of voluntary overtime, according to a recent article in the New York Times has become a means of avoiding tensions at home. (Apparently the workplace has become “home” to many Americans, while dealing with dirty dishes, needy kids and messy emotions “has become work.”) Endless meetings can serve as one more item on the already overloaded list that demonstrates our importance, indeed, indispensability, to the world around us.”

Keeping busy is much easier than dealing with feelings and needs. That is why so many people run away from simplifying and taking control of their time. Who knows what they will find in the silence?


Today my focus was the question, “Will this bring me closer or further away from my goals?” I woke up on time instead of sleeping in as I remembered that question. I clicked off a messageboard to get to work. I ate a peach instead of a cookie. I turned off the TV. Along with other small changes throughout the day. I am moving towards my goals.

Today I am grateful for:
a compliment from Terry
a bike ride with the kids where we stopped to take pictures at things we liked
that Brea doesn’t need new frames, just new lenses
going out to lunch at this fantastic little restaurant here called Kadoolie’s with Brea while Jonathan was learning to weld
Insight from Simple Days

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