Calm before work


Many people rush into work, whether it’s a out of the house or working at home. Whatever is yelling loudest gets done. Nerves are jangled before you even begin.

Since you are already behind you have no time to plan or get in a better head space before you start.

Mistakes happen. Tasks don’t get complete before dousing another fire. By the end of the day you are so tired because of all the emotional energy you needed to hold it all together.

Getting calm before starting work is a necessity. Taking just five minutes to breathe then pick out the few most important priorities leads to a different day.


Before I start planning the day, I prepare myself. For me that means I have prayed, taken a few deep breaths, have written down my gratitudes and my intentions to be and do for today.

For yesterday that looked like:

Thank You Lord, for a new day, that the rain washed away the snow, feeding the ducks, for getting me up this morning, for my home, for Jeff, Brea and Jon, for my health, for this city, for the printer, for time to dream and plan, for knowing we are all connected, for Melody’s Finding Your Way Home book.

I intend to replenish my energy. I intend to focus. I intend to be kind to myself.

Last week I wrote

Thank You for waking me up easily, for guiding me to a smoothie for breakfast, for a nice yoga stretch after some walking and weights.

Today I intend to be ethereally radiant, full of wonder, uncaged, inquisitively immersed and deeply connected.

Now that I am feeling good I can plan. I take a look at the calendar to see if there is anything I need to prepare for.

I look at yesterday’s task list and see if anything needs to be followed up on or moved to today.

I add anything I need to on today’s list. Then I highlight 2-5 things that are high priority.

Now I am ready to work. I do my top priority – right now it is writing my eBook. After I do that, I check email, adding things to my list and then start working on the other top items.

This takes very little time and makes a big impact on my energy, focus and ability to complete things. Try it and how it works for you.


  • That sounds perfectly lovely! I think I should add to my before work routine. I pray in the car and my Eat the Frog list is ready from the previous evening, and only when dealing with difficult people, then I say specifically, “Thank you God for FAVOUR with such-and-such person today” 🙂


  • Meline says:

    Hi, Beth. I am grateful for the example you shared from your gratitudes and intentions. I try to make a habit of thanking God for my blessings each day, and I enjoyed seeing your perspective. Also the intentions for the day…that is not something I fad ever thought of. Thank you for sharing!
    God bless you & your family,

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