4 generations around the campfire roasting marshmallows,
kids catching bug after bug to look at,
then looking up the creatures in their new bug book,
finding a frog with a big X on its back called a peeper,
hiking up the dunes and seeing the beauty below,
viewing birds through the glass at the nature center
and seeing dunes above and below,
realizing that there are some people who have never seen the dunes,
an outdoor worship service with my Dad preaching,
walks in the woods with my husband,
wild raspberries,
sap dripping from the trees,
dipping feet into ice cold Lake Michigan,
listening to a powerful storm as we slept snug in our tent,
playing Boggle with my kids and my Dad,
Mom’s poison ivy,
viewing pictures of the wedding day of a girl I used to baby-sit,
potluck dinner under different awnings when another storm came by,
remembering times past when I was fearless,
getting comfortable with sitting and doing nothing,
no computer, no phone, no work,