Comfort Secrets

  • In Chapter Nine of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women, Jennifer Louden asks, “What is a Comfort Queen?” Is it someone who needs to loofah, have perfect nails and doesn’t get up until noon? Or is she something more? Comfort is

  • It’s more than Intuition. In this chapter, Jennifer Louden, discusses Divine Balance. Continually listening and sorting through the voices you hear. Let go of your need to know everything and be open to what you hear. It should feel as

  • The next part of listening from the book Comfort Secrets by Jennifer Louden, is letting go of your self-imposed ideas on how things should go. Listen and remain alert for the next prompting – instead of focusing on an outside reaction. Or

  • Living first by what we treasure. This chapter is about how you are creating your life and how you aren’t. Do you deliberately create your life? Or do you spend most of your life trying to gain external reinforcement? One question- What is

  • In Chapter 5 of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women, Louden answers the question – why questions? Questions make sure you are following your unique answers and path. “You have the choice to build your life around inner direction or on the

  • Lounging on a bed. Jennifer Louden writes that often times we forget we have the power to change some things – especially our attitude. Instead we get stuck doing the same things in the same ways. Instead of just following routine, we can