• Simplifying without knowing your purpose and passions, means you may be simplifying the wrong things. You don’t want to streamline all your meals if one of your loves is cooking. A short gym workout may not be as enjoyable as a long hike

  • I was asked if I wanted to review a book that wasn’t necessarily in my simplifying niche. But I know I have tons of creative type readers and people yearning for something more, so I thought I’d share this book with you. The Power of

  • I love magazines. They are fun to read. I may learn a thing or two. And the designs are often luscious. However, I think of magazines as transient items. Not something to be stored forever as most magazines are out of date soon. You rarely get

  • As I found out, grief and loss touch us all. So although this is a blog on simplicity, I want to share some of the resources that helped me through my grief when I lost my 18 year old son in 2011. First, to say that I am not through grief. It

  • I love to learn. Information is like catnip to me.  So in order not to drown in information, I have had to systemize things. Library Books For instance, when I get library books, I look at how many pages the book is and how many days I have

  • Jamie Ridler is doing the Joy Diet by Martha Beck as a book club and I am joining in the reading. This is the final chapter and it’s about feasting. I’m sure those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving recently know about feasting.But