• Right now people are saying they are going to get off Facebook and social media because reading their feed makes them feel annoyed and angry. Friends are posting political memes and stories that shout, “My side is better than your

  • I am not so intense on simplifying because I want to sit around and do nothing (well, not all the time.) I think simplifying is so important, because it gives us the time and energy to do important things for you and your community. Like mentor

  • People in general love to spend time helping others. It feels good to serve and make an impact. But overscheduling makes aiding your community difficult. If your schedule has no spots to breathe and a friend that needs you calls, it’s much

  • Violence came to visit my home. And I see it in the riots in Greece and Vancouver. The out of control beating up of people because someone is feeling "dissed". The flash mob robberies of stores. People feel that other people are taking

  • With complicated lives, it’s more difficult to find time for expression. If your life is hustling from work to home to soccer to the grocery store to the kitchen to the couch to bed, where do you find time to express who you are? We are