• I know this year with inflation we could all use some ideas to save money. Change Cell Phone Plans. Use a comparison site to get the best deals in your zip code. We saved $20 a month by switching plans. Change to a digital calendar like Google

  • I was reading an affirmation that said, “I have plenty.” That phrase made me smile as I thought about the truth of it. I looked around at the beautiful objects in my living room like the water painting by a local artist, an angel

  • Guest Post from Hazel Garcia Most of us know what we like and don’t like. Shiny new iPad? Like. Big tax bill? Don’t like. Trip to Hawaii? Heck yes! Commute to work? Ughhh. Seems simple enough right? We don’t really need science to tell us what

  • Most people live paycheck to paycheck, barely saving or having much in their retirement account. We buy too much, save too little and go into debt for more stuff. We need a different mind set. We need to work hard, contribute and act

  • I ran across an article in Real Simple magazine for March on Mindful shopping. It talked about impulse buying and the hit of good mood at the time of purchase. Almost all of us have gone to the store for a few things and ended up with a basket