• The last day of May we drove to the other side of the state, paying over $4 a gallon. But, that was all we spent. We enjoyed my cousin’s wedding. It was beautiful and they seem so good together. My sister, daughter and I were dancing up a

  • Today I stayed away from the stores. We did stop at Kmart today for some combs. My son has been using my daughter’s comb. So she won’t use it anymore. And my son wanted one that wasn’t purple. So we spent $3 on about 12 combs.

  • This has not been a great 3 days finance wise. Tuesday my husband and I went out for lunch before the kids were out of school for the summer. My car was dead when we got out. Apparently our fan got a short and was going non stop draining the

  • I gave money at church – I don’t consider charity giving anything other than necessity. There is nothing like giving to create an abundant feeling. We bought lunch groceries and produce at the grocery store. I really noticed the

  • While my daughter was in Mackinac, my husband and I took my son to see IronMan. We thought we were going to use our gift cards we got for Christmas, but it turns out this theater didn’t accept them. So we spent more than anticipated. But,

  • I gave money to my daughter for her field trip to Mackinac and bought nothing else for the past two days. Groceries right now appear to be one of my biggest expenditures. Here’s how to Spend Less on Groceries. And here is the Recession Diet.