• Stamps and gasoline are the only things I bought the past three days. As I look back, on the 30 Day Spending fast to only buy necessities, I know I saved quite a bit of money. I bought many less books than I might have. I bought one shirt

  • I’ve been reading Joanne Harris’ "Blackberry Wine" and was struck by the ingenuity of the character Joe. Old pieces of carpet kept out the weeds in the vegetable garden. Empty paint tins were made into plant pots. Plastic

  • Friday I bought a shower gift for my cousin. And I filled up on gas for our trip to Indiana, Monday. Saturday Brea had friends over and I ordered out instead of cooking for everyone. It was 90 degrees. I was hot, headachy and cooking

  • It’s no fun having to be vulnerable and admit you screwed up. But, I want to model self-compassion in the midst of messing up. Wednesday was not good. We took my daughter out for soup to celebrate her last day of school and that was

  • Monday I was doing some vacation planning. I bought as many tickets online as I could, so I don’t have to stand in line. Most things are free there, but some you can still get online for a $1.50 processing fee. And my daughter and I were

  • It was time to remember why we are doing a spending fast. And we did some more vacation planning.  Do you remember why you wanted to do this? Is your motivation still up there? We didn’t spend anything on Friday. Saturday my daughter

  • I bought a few things for dinner. And Jeff and I went on a date. We went fishing – well he fished while I enjoyed nature, then got frozen custard and took a nature walk. What are your favorite frugal dates? Here are some options for cheap