• Yesterday I got gas before the price went up and used a coupon. It’s sad that I’m excited about gas for $2.57 a gallon. And we bought some produce. I also froze some raspberries and pineapple that wouldn’t last another day for

  • We went to the greenhouse to pick up plants this weekend. I always wrestle with this one because my spending fasts are always in May. But, this is the time of year to get them if I want them growing. Unfortunately since the greenhouse is a ways

  • How did you do today? Brea and I got our haircuts which were on the list. She cut over two inches off my hair. I didn’t realize it had grown out that much! This time, I made my next appointment right after this appointment. No more going

  • I  am so happy I got gasoline the day before. Gas prices shot up 25 cents in one day. It also reached 80 degrees all of the sudden here in Michigan and my husband reminded me that our air conditioning window unit was on the fritz. We were

  • Onto Day 2. I awoke to a lovely email from Amazon giving me a list of Kindle titles for $3.99 or less. Oh, the temptation. I decided I had better delete the email without even reading it. Savings? Between $3.99 and $20 probably. You may want to