• All right, day 1 is over. How did everyone do? I was looking forward to not spending any money, but after picking my daughter up from a 5pm activity and then going for a walk, she was hungry. I thought she was going to eat at the activity, but

  • An idea that worked well for me for a few years was a 30 day spending fast. And I enjoyed having the company of others. So I am going to start this years spending fast on May 1st. One year I used the money to pay off some appliances, another to

  • On the news the other day, I heard them talk about consumer spending not being up because the economy is getting better, but because of "frugal fatigue." People were just tired of scrimping. Saving is going back down, credit card debt

  • A client was having trouble making decisions on paper (actually most of my clients have trouble making decisions on paper – very common.) I said something and she asked me to email it to her. This is what I wrote: It helps to remember that

  • This week in the Money Class we have been talking about Debt Reduction. It’s easy to slip into too much debt. But, there are some signs you are too far in debt and need to fix things fast before you get into the debt hole you can climb out

  • Someone from Shoeboxed offered me a trial of their receipt system. At the time I was going to do my taxes, so I said sure. As my accountability partner will tell you, the thing I procrastinate the most in my business is tracking the receipts and