• This is an excerpt from my book, Create the Declutter Habit. Delete the ones you don’t like or are duplicates Move your photos from your camera or phone weekly or monthly depending on how fast you fill it up Have computer folders for each year.

  • I used to be the biggest procrastinator. I had great intentions, but not much follow-through. I never wanted to do it. My to do list created a struggle. But, working from home I need to get myself to do my work. Here are some ideas on what

  • One of my frustrations each morning was cleaning my yogurt container after making my morning smoothie. I make my own yogurt, so I have glass jars I can’t throw out. The container always has yogurt/milk in the rings where the top screws on.

  • Do you have those things that just never seem to get done? Things you procrastinate on like organizing a closet, making a difficult phone call or a business report? Get It Done Day is for tackling that energy draining to do list. I haven’t done

  • Photo by House of Sims Don’t wait until the last minute to get prepared for back to school. Use this checklist to start school organized and confident. Start about 14 days before school starts.  Day 1 Start having everyone go to bed

  • Some personalities are more inclined to flake out. I am one of those who has to create systems as prevention. It seems more and more prevalent to make excuses. “I’m not feeling up to it.” “I know there was a deadline,