• Organised for Christmas – Guest Post from Marcia Francois [Guest post from a friend who is much more organized than I am] There are less than 3 months to Christmas. When you think about that, what do you feel? Do you feel overwhelmed and

  • This morning my son was riding his moped to school and hit a rock. He skidded banging his helmet, ripping his jeans and scraping his arm, side, hand, foot and knee. The police brought him home and it took an hour to go to the store for the

  • Two of my clients are making changes and adding goals, so they wanted a way to put their goals and schedules together. I suggested a time map. A time map is extremely useful in trying to make time for things in your life. Julie Morgenstern has

  • So many times fun gets left out of our lives just because of poor planning. Have you ever had to cancel a fun evening because work wasn’t done during the day? Or ended up having a whole weekend of errands because you spent each evening