• If just looking at your to do list makes you freeze, it may be time to dump some to do’s. If it’s been sitting on your list more than two months, dump it You can put a task on your possibility list if you might do it someday but not

  • In this urgent culture it seems like everything has to be done now. But, it may just be portrayed that way. Clients are always surprised when I say they can renegotiate deadlines – especially when a new project comes up. You can ask your

  • One of my readers has developed an online site called Dreaminder. You are able to think about what your dream is, write it down and then Dreaminder will send your dream back to you in the future. Then you can compare your life at the moment to

  • When you are simplifying your life, you will want to take control of your finances. Otherwise you end up overworking to pay for stuff you have little time or energy to use. In the past I have always kept a close eye on spending, but sometime

  • I am so excited. I forgot about my feedburner, so I think I have most of my blog posts. Yea! Here’s the first one. If you made goals this year, did you have any fun goals? Or were they all about improving something? Do any of your goals