• New Year’s Resolutions are like fun wishes. I prefer Annual Planning so there are plans for the things I want to do. I found most of the goal setting workbooks I tried only stuffed my life with more to do’s I didn’t have time

  • Many productivity writers share about a M.I.T. list. This Most Important Things list is usually a list of 3 things to do first in your day. I like to think of it as everything you absolutely must do today or there will be consequences.  The

  • Mondays can be hard because it’s often started with no thought or planning. I feel more in control if I do some prepping for the week on Sunday. Prep starts after¬†church when I go through the fridge to check for expired food, make the menu

  • Many people rush into work, whether it’s a out of the house or working at home. Whatever is yelling loudest gets done. Nerves are jangled before you even begin. Since you are already behind you have no time to plan or get in a better head

  • During my academic years, I spent many long nights finishing up an English paper or getting a speech together or studying for an exam. My Mom cringed at Science project time because it would always be a last minute, underwhelming project. In my

  • I had a lovely reader ask how to prepare for retiring as far as the house and time goes. I have not retired and most likely will be working a long while yet. So I needed to do some research for this one. Whether you downsize or not, most people