• Sometimes the kids or the spouse or the boss don’t tell you things until the last minute. They may not mean to. But often they just forget. One of my favorite questions to counter this is: Is there anything I need to know for…

  • A reader asked for tips to simplify a wedding so they can plan quicker to have the wedding before family has to go back overseas. Since my simple wedding will be 21 years ago June 1, I asked at facebook for some new ideas. Rhiannon reminds us to

  • A retreat I went on Sunday talked about Cultivating Joy – intentionally noticing and creating joy. Our sermon last Sunday talked about living intentionally. My daughter was telling me she appreciated the childhood we had for her with lots

  • I’ve talked about Setting Up before – for projects and wins. Usually we aren’t setting up for ourselves. Usually we are cleaning up after ourselves. "Oh, I see we had snacks in the living room last night. I can tell by the

  • After seeing my post Overplanning, Under Living, a reader asked how you get out of over planning mode. I used to over plan a lot. The main reason is that planning is not as risky as actually doing and then getting judged for what you do. How do

  • I used to be a big over-planner. I would have schedules down to the minute so I could "get everything done." And the result was that I was always anxious. Things that messed with the schedule frustrated me big time – traffic,