• Whether you are moving into fall or spring, a new season is upon us. I spent some of the past weekend doing a little thinking. It’s a great way to create a season you want to have. 1) Decide what the top 5 priorities are for the next few

  • Photo by House of Sims Don’t wait until the last minute to get prepared for back to school. Use this checklist to start school organized and confident. Start about 14 days before school starts.  Day 1 Start having everyone go to bed

  •   Photo by midnightcomm I just love to plan summer. A few months of warmth and possibilities. In this week’s Simplicity Tips I put in a .pdf to help you plan your summer: Summer Planning I thought I would let you browse what the kids

  • Craft and hobby things can take over a home. And Quatrefoil says she has only a small apartment, so what to do with hobby supplies? Declutter The first step is decluttering. I know crafty types like to keep everything because it may be used in a

  • The truth is, we don’t know what will happen next year. We don’t know what wonderful things will come into our lives, what changes will happen in the world or what difficulties we might experience. We won’t anticipate things

  • Have you ever been sitting there waiting for someone who never showed up? Or perhaps you forgot an appointment yourself? Something I have started recently that is working well for me is to reconfirm appointments. One of the last things on my