Joy and Play

  • My daughter created this decoration out of a glass vase, Christmas balls, fluff, green tissue paper and an ornament.   Unless you love to overdo decorating and it’s fun for you (see Giddy Christmas), you may be simplifying your

  • What I love about Christmas and other holidays is that you can focus on what you like and are good at. You don’t have to bake beautiful cookies for three days unless you love to do it. You don’t have to decorate your house so

  • If you are feeling dry and stale or thinking that your life is nothing but drudgery, a great question to ask is, "Where is my heart?" When you disconnect what you do with purpose, your senses or joy, you dry out. Does your work feel

  • Being away from home for four days created a bit of a backlog for me. I upped my pace and tried to get more done to "catch up." Forgetting catching up is an illusion. I worked at my computer longer and spent less time with my husband.

  • Question #9 asked you, "What do you like to do for fun and relaxation?" I originally started this post Thursday night. My husband and daughter were both with friends and my husband had the next day off work. So I was working to get